I.T. Services

IT Services


IT Solutions include full package cloud computing that helps businesses solve difficult eCommerce obstacles. These challenges include multiple channels, multiple users, multiple accounts, multiple locations, etc. We presently have data centers in North Carolina, New Jersey, New York and California. We look to expand into Canada and Europe in 2017.

Our cloud eCommerce solution administers the backend of your online store to enhance your company’s presence online. We host and manage the software and customer data while ensuring that it is stored securely by distributing upgrades and fixing bugs. Additionally, we continually enhance our offerings to provide the most advanced version that can be immediately accessed to ensure that your retail operations will continue without interruption.

Businesses have an ostensible advantage because our services remove the unnecessary infrastructure costs and additions of servers, facilities, IT staff, software licenses, and maintenance. Additionally, you no longer have to worry if your business can handle new business initiatives. Our nimble and flexible solutions allow your business to move ahead to handle any aspect of business development. Whether it is a fluctuation of traffic due to seasonal demands or unexpected exposure from going viral, we automatically adjust to provide the necessary resources that can handle the influx.

Our I.T. Services

Cloud Computing Service in North America and Europe

Multiple Channels Solution Software Designed for eCommerce

Customized ERP system supports very complicated eCommerce environment

Sophisicated Warehouse Management System support large warehouse environment

Automation Marketing and email system

Full package of eCommerce Website Design and operation Service

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